Happiness Is Not Something Ready Made

img1440034215496“Happiness Is Not Something Ready Made. It Comes From Your Own Actions.”
– Dalai Lama

The above quote inspired me to write an article on happiness. My happiness blog is now hosted by Catherine B. Roy.

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Choose Happiness Daily

Happiness is a result of your daily choices. Choose happiness. You are a creator; you are the maker of your destiny. That is the law. Your beliefs and thoughts that drive your actions are mirrored in your life. Choose to feel happy with what is at each present moment, thus empowering yourself to let more contentment and happiness flow into your life.

Are You Unhappy with Your Present Situation?

Do not dwell on any unhappy and painful experiences as that is what you will continue to experience. Do not bring your mind toward it. Afford yourself the best thoughts. Accept where you are now and tell yourself that all is being taken care of. Believe that. Even if you cannot see it at the moment, all those are “gifts” and they become a springboard you will take off from toward living an aware, consciously happy life.

Repair That Which Ails You Within, You Are Powerful

If you do not repair all that which ails you within, the damage will be shown without. Regardless of how you feel, with the proper attitudes, you can derive a lot from your life. Change your outlook and viewpoint – it is your power that comes into play and changes your attitudes. Are you unhappy? Renew your thoughts. Renew your actions. Discard the feeling of unhappiness and start fresh. You can move in and out of feelings and moods. Do it. You will be amazed at the power you have. Without changing the circumstances, you will be in another space.

Be Consistent

Be consistent in thinking of positive and happy times. If something pleases you, partake in it. Let the resonance within your heart be your guidance. Consult with your heart; ask, do you like it my heart? Are you sad? Are you joyful? Pleased? Playful? Happy?

You Are Your Own Charge.

You are the concern of yourself. You are the subject of your life. You are your own charge. Do not think that anybody in any way is responsible for your upkeep, your enjoyment, your happiness. Do not expect others to give you that support. Do not expect others to be responsible for you, to look out for you.

Your enthusiasm comes from you. Your exuberance comes from you. Your depression comes from you. Your melodramatics comes from you. It is all about you – no one else needs to feed your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. You are a creator of all that which comes to your life through your care, and you attract those of the same beliefs to you.

Support Yourself

Bring harmony into your life. Bring harmony into your being-ness, into your surroundings. Be pleased with what you have. Make it even prettier. Make it even more interesting. Be pleased with yourself and take time for yourself. Take care of your spirit, mind, and body – consider meditating, going for walks in nature, listening to the soothing music. Please yourself whenever you feel like pleasing yourself – be diligent in the support of yourself.

You Have Began

This is the beginning of your understanding, the beginning of your recognizing the calling of your soul heard through the clamour of the material world. Once you connect, your happiness is always with you. Once you connect, you will always find joy.

Namaste and be well.

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Award Winning Author Helena Kalivoda, writes books that are inspired by her Soul. She takes you on a spiritual journey that combines her experience, wisdom and your desire to know more about yourself into books that are a must have for your collection. To find out more about Helena and her books, and get your gift, visit Helena’s website at http://www.booksbyhelena.com. Her author’s page is at http://www.amazon.com/author/helena-kalivoda. Helena is the member of The Wellness Universe. 

The Family Unit or The Family Unity

family 1

I am asking myself how one does maintain an environment of a mutual understanding, and of respect and loving embrace?

I am asking that as right now in my family a situation has evolved – a situation that I believed was on the mend, however, it took on a new turn. As a parent, I want my children to be close to each other, but there are things that can come up in different ways that so easily separate brothers and sisters. [Read more…]

All Is a Game or No-thing Matters

sunsetAll Is a Game or Nothing Matters.

When you come to the conclusion that everything is a game anyway, then you will be able to relax and allow yourself to be what you already are. 

And you are a lot!

All that exists has already been done. It has been done many times, over and over again. Since the beginning of time, since the beginning of humanity, you played your games of evolution, attrition, growth, revelations, exclamations, and silence.

Every time you are born to the planet Earth, you feel the novelty of it. Each time you start from scratch. Being here is new to you every time. You may not stay as excited as you were at the beginning. You may start seeing yourself as a small drop in the ocean of consciousness. [Read more…]

Downsizing and Minimalism

moreen's book

Today, I have the privilege of hosting Moreen Thorpy, De-Clutter Coach, Professional Organizer, Author and Speaker. Her BOOK is an excellent resource for anyone who is contemplating or  is getting ready for downsizing, moving and settling in.

Enjoy Moreen’s post:

Downsizing and Minimalism

I must confess that during the extreme downsizing I did several months ago, minimalism was no-where on my radar. However in recent weeks, I’ve discovered this interesting new way to live. And it’s not as extreme as the name implies.

Just to clarify, I subscribe to minimalism as a means to an end—how to live simply with only what I absolutely need in my life. It’s making my life so much easier as there’s less maintenance required for what I do have. Living in a tiny apartment has significantly reduced the cleaning to be done (my least favorite activity). Fewer rooms, less to clean! Enough clothing so I can change often but my closet isn’t stretching beyond its boundaries. [Read more…]

Getting to Know Your Subconscious Mind

Susan's bookI am pleased to host Susan Sherayko, the author of Rainbows Over Ruins, the Executive in Charge of Production and Emmy nominated Line Producer for “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel. Find out how an unexpected event altered Susan’s life. Her story is a great example of how adversity can be a blessing in disguise if we change the way we think about it. Learn how you too can turn your biggest challenges into opportunities to transform your life.

Getting to Know Your Subconscious Mind

After we lost our home to a landslide, we spent the next 1 ½ years rebuilding our lives.  It was a life altering event.  However, out of crisis came opportunity.  For me, a new path opened when I began to study the power of the mind, [Read more…]

Shine! Don’t Whine!

Leah Photo

Today, I am delighted to host on my blog my new friend, Sophia Bar-Lev, the best-selling author of PASTA, POPPY FIELDS AND PEARLS. Here is Leah’s post, enjoy:


Shine! Don’t Whine!

One of the characters in my upcoming novel, PIZZA & PROMISES, gives this advice to her nine year old daughter: Don’t whine! Shine! 

How about the same advice for 39 year olds?  49? 59? Even 69?

Recently I stumbled across an article in the UK newspaper, the Guardian.  The title was “We Are in the Golden Age of Complaining.”   The writer went to detail all the ways that our contemporary society has embraced complaining as a regular practice.

As we live in an imperfect world, there are times when a valid complaint may be in order. But instead of barking at a waiter, “How dare you bring me a rare steak? I ordered well-done!” we would realize a better result within ourselves as well as with the waiter if we said, “The steak is too rare for me. Would you please have them cook it until the pink disappears? Thank you.”  That’s not whining; that is expressing a legitimate complaint in a respectful way.  [Read more…]

The Power of Persistence

A couple days ago, I set out for a long walk in my favourite park. Once on the path winding close to the river, I could not resist visiting for a moment.

The moment extendedrock with hole into two hours of delighting myself with the diversity of the river rocks. As always, there were rocks of various shapes, sizes, and colours. I noticed one that was rather unusual – the rock was smooth and it had a round hole I could see through. The opening was clearly shaped by the persistent flow of the water.

Seeing the hole in the rock reminded me of the power of applied determined thought. It validated for me that perseverance brings results. When the water encountered the rock in its way, it did not stop or hesitate. It was not thinking of what it should do, that the rock is hard, that it will not work out. It simply flowed on.

There it was, a hole in the rock – a new opening, a new path for the water to flow through. A formation that one may deem as unexpected or discount as impossible, yet it was there.

If we habitually concentrate on or seek the familiar and the known, we may fail to notice a new opening, direction or opportunity. That day, when at the river, I was seeking the unfamiliar and different, and I found this lovely, intriguing rock.

When we allow ourselves to consider and accept the unexpected or the unknown and align ourselves with newly opened opportunities, then through the power of persistence we can achieve results that at the beginning may have seemed unattainable. 

Remember, the persistent flow of the water transformed the rock!


Helena Kalivoda, an award-winning author, writes books that are inspired by her Soul. Find more about Helena and her books at http://www.booksbyhelena.ca or any main on-line bookstores.

The Road We Travel

road 2I posted a few days ago on Facebook, looking for water kefir grains, and, voilà, my call was answered. Today, I arrived home with a small jar of my prized grains. I drove across the city to get them, and in the process of driving, I unexpectedly gathered several insights:

I prefer to travel by the know-to-me roads. But, alas, something or somebody is not aligned with my expectations. Something is changing the course of my travel. The city is full of detours, roads under construction, protruding manholes, barricades, the traffic signs pointing me in directions I do not want to go.

At the moment of realization that I am not able to follow my route, the parallels started downing on me about my life journey. As the roads with the bumps and  the humps need care and repair, so may certain situations in my life. [Read more…]

Go with the Flow

mountain_stream_and_moss_193711It has been all about flow for me these past several days. To slide and flow with the flow around me, as that is where I need to be – what is around me is important for me, otherwise, it would not be in my space.

It has been about seeing the connection, letting the events, places, and people unravel around me. Letting others experience their flow the way they understand it, and experience mine the way I understand it.

Do you experience a clash? So be it. Do not dwell on it. Let it pass from your space. Stay in your space; do not enter the clash’s space. [Read more…]

You Are Pure

purple maragaretYou are pure just as you are. As you have been created in the image of God, you cannot be not pure. Any requests or needs you feel coming to you otherwise are your own ego persuasions of you.

Resilience or struggle. What are they? Those are the ways of not being in your natural flow. If you are in flow, all is simple. When you flow, the flow is in sync with you. Then you cannot feel pressured to be or not here or there, to do or not this and that. [Read more…]

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