Downsizing and Minimalism

moreen's book

Today, I have the privilege of hosting Moreen Thorpy, De-Clutter Coach, Professional Organizer, Author and Speaker. Her BOOK is an excellent resource for anyone who is contemplating or  is getting ready for downsizing, moving and settling in.

Enjoy Moreen’s post:

Downsizing and Minimalism

I must confess that during the extreme downsizing I did several months ago, minimalism was no-where on my radar. However in recent weeks, I’ve discovered this interesting new way to live. And it’s not as extreme as the name implies.

Just to clarify, I subscribe to minimalism as a means to an end—how to live simply with only what I absolutely need in my life. It’s making my life so much easier as there’s less maintenance required for what I do have. Living in a tiny apartment has significantly reduced the cleaning to be done (my least favorite activity). Fewer rooms, less to clean! Enough clothing so I can change often but my closet isn’t stretching beyond its boundaries. [Read more…]

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