Getting to Know Your Subconscious Mind

Getting to Know Your Subconscious Mind

Susan's bookI am pleased to host Susan Sherayko, the author of Rainbows Over Ruins, the Executive in Charge of Production and Emmy nominated Line Producer for “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel. Find out how an unexpected event altered Susan’s life. Her story is a great example of how adversity can be a blessing in disguise if we change the way we think about it. Learn how you too can turn your biggest challenges into opportunities to transform your life.

Getting to Know Your Subconscious Mind

After we lost our home to a landslide, we spent the next 1 ½ years rebuilding our lives.  It was a life altering event.  However, out of crisis came opportunity.  For me, a new path opened when I began to study the power of the mind, the conscious mind where we focus most of our awareness and the subconscious mind that is far more powerful.  I learned that we can improve our lives by consciously developing our relationship with the subconscious mind.

The journey I took to build that relationship is the stuff of my book Rainbows Over Ruins. It involved the understanding that the conscious mind works through outer stimulation received through the senses while the subconscious mind utilizes inner stimulation gained through a connection with quantum consciousness and the fields of all possibility. In addition to the autonomic body functions we attribute to the subconscious mind, we gain access to vast resources beyond the abilities of our conscious mind to achieve, including an internal GPS system to help us navigate life’s choices.

Some people are gifted with an awareness of this relationship.  They are naturally intuitive and sensitive to the manner in which communication from the subconscious mind is received.  Others may utilize a variety of methods to develop a stronger conscious connection. This was the journey I undertook – and one that continues to evolve as I gain ever deeper understanding.

As I became aware that we are all connected to this power greater than ourselves, I began to watch for what SQuire Rushnell calls “God-Winks.”  Others call them God Shots.  These are “out of the blue” encounters in which you feel as if you have received an answer to prayer or found yourself as an angel to someone else’s prayer. There is something about this connection that calls us to stories like Heaven is Real, or Proof of Heaven in which the Divine does more than send messages, but takes visible action in our lives.

We are drawn to people who are living examples of what is possible and speak of direct guidance, wishing we had these gifts ourselves. What if we do?  What if we all have the same connection latent within ourselves? What if it is possible to develop these talents consciously within ourselves?

If you were to ask me what might help you to do this, here are some of the means I would suggest:

  1. Develop a daily routine in which you invite your subconscious mind to engage with you on a regular basis.  Like a muscle you exercise, the more you seek to reach the subconscious mind, the more it responds to you.
  2. Identify and focus on your primary desire at the start of each day.
  3. Express gratitude and appreciation for what is in your life that feels good, that is an expression of the lifestyle you enjoy, for any sense of well-being. The subconscious mind responds to your dominant feelings.
  4. Listen. Be still. Center. The guidance is clear that to be still shuts out the material world, providing entry into another dimension of pure consciousness. Herein lies a power greater than ourselves.
  5. Be mindful. This is the mind of the Zen Buddhist: empty, beginner’s mind releasing all pre-conditions to allow something else to expand within your mind.
  6. Observe any contrasts you may be feeling between where you are and where you want to be.  Use your imagination to visualize what it will feel like when you have resolved the contrast.  Visualize.  Daydream. Allow a mind movie of your feelings and experiences when you are enjoying your dream to unfold.
  7. Ask and it is given.  Ask in the right way. Ask better questions, especially afformations.  Afformations are positive “Why” questions that turn your mind into a search engine, perusing the fields of all possibility to find solutions and resources for you.
  8. Journal.  The subconscious mind responds in flashes of insight, an idea hinted. As you record them, they expand by virtue of your attention to them.
  9. Notice any suggestions or impressions that you receive and take action on those suggestions. Ask yourself what one thing you could do right now would help you feel the way you want to feel when you have received your desire.
  10. Then let go.  Go about the business of your life. Engage in nonverbal activities like painting, walking and music.  The subconscious mind is nonverbal. The constant chatter of the conscious mind can be overpowering.

As you focus on developing your relationship with the subconscious mind through the use of these simple methods on a daily basis, the results may vary.  At the very least, you may sense positive changes, see improvements in your life, and generally feel better.  Others may receive almost conversational guidance or develop stronger intuitions. Like most intimate relationships, this takes time to unfold.  Relax, enjoy meeting and sharing with such a dear friend that has the ability to take you anywhere you would like to go.

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Susan jpg (2)Susan Sherayko is the author of Rainbows Over Ruins, a guide to those who seek to unleash their creative power. She is the Executive in Charge of Production and Emmy nominated Line Producer for “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel. Susan is passionate about guiding others to discover how to change their thoughts and attract more successful results.

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  1. Greetings,

    I am so pleased to be visiting with you and Helena today. Each of us has a unique gift that we may choose to hide under a bushel or share with the world. Helena certainly shares her own gifts. I hope that you will see a little of what I share as well. Please say hello. I”d love to meet you.


  2. Susan, thank you for outlining 10 points of how to initiate our dialogue with our subconscious mind. Loved them all. Your first point, clarifying and developing a daily routine (and then sticking to it), is certainly a key to any project we undertake. I wish you all the best with your book titled Rainbows Over Ruins, a guide to those who seek to unleash their creative power. Cannot wait to start reading it!

    • Thank you, Helena. I have been thinking about an even earlier step that precedes all the rest – the decision to recognize the subconscious mind at all. So many people do not realize how important the subconscious is to their creativity. They only value the conscious mind complete with its sensual input and conditioning. I hope that they will discover that there is an inner dimension to our being that they use to their benefit.

  3. That is so interesting that you would say that. Just before I read your comment, a thought flashed through my mind that we actually may feel like ignoring or not acknowledging our subconscious mind as it is so unfamiliar to us. We might believe that because it is “sub”, it exists on its own and we cannot reach it or communicate with it.

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