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Purposeful Mind Series – Book 3

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Contemplation, the third of five books in the Purposeful Mind series, deals with bringing conscious “beingness” into “doingness”. Our present times are about remembering who we are. May this series help you to quicken the process of remembering your origins, and propel you on your path of awakening, as you evolve with grace and ultimately connect with your grand Self.

Synopsis: The level of consciousness we bring to our daily lives is mirrored back to us by the quality of our experiences in our three-dimensional reality. Aspiring to change a condition in our external world without attending to our internal environment simply cannot bring the results we seek. The main topics of this book of motivational poetry include discourses on honesty, joy vs. fear, treating ourselves well, love, heart, sexuality, and more.

Sample from Contemplation:

Honesty Brings You the Furthest 

Honesty brings you the furthest.
Honesty about yourself,
honesty about others,
honesty toward yourself,
honesty about your brothers.
Honesty about your unending pleasures,
unending wretched small lost battles.
Honesty about yourself to yourself.

Honesty is the discourse we are having today.
Honesty is a treasured way of treating yourself
to receive the gifts of the Universe.
It is a way to connect with yourself,
as then the filmy veil of deceit,
even if very discreet, is not in the way.

Be honest with yourself, be a winner.
Be on the lookout of all
that is even slightly skewed,
that feels only slightly wrong.

Honesty opens the door to your success.
Honesty opens the door to your accreditation,
as an honest being touches both worlds,
world of humanity and Spirit.

Honesty is a treasured thing.
It is not difficult to see if you are honest
if you honestly look at your honesty.
Sounds like a recursion? Does it?

Well, it may seem like it,
but it is so simple
that I think you will like it.

Be honest with yourself.
Be honest with you
and all else falls into place,
and the virtue that you possess
will be returned to you.

Abracadabra it ain’t.
Honesty is a treasured thing
that returns as a gift,
when you will be rewarded for your honesty
by honesty from others.

Do to yourself what you want others to do to you.
Do to yourself what feels right
and is not in any way
impeding others from enjoying their way.

Be yourself and enjoy being honest.
Honesty is a thing to cherish.


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