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Helena Kalivoda is an author of several books. She is an active member of the Calgary Authors Group.

 AWAKEN! Spirit Is CallingBUY NOW

FINALIST,  Spiritual/Metaphysical Non-Fiction, 2012 Global Ebook Awards

Be captivated and inspired by the powerful messages born of this author’s encounter with her Guides and Angels. In a clear and simple language, AWAKEN! conveys universal spiritual laws and principles. The book includes a unique angelic language through which Spirit sent healing energies to assist the author in her desperate quest to recover from an illness.

“I highly and often recommend AWAKEN! for anyone who wants to start out on the right road in their spiritual journey. May you enjoy this inspired, personable, informative, and endearing offering from the heavens.” – S. Roger Joyeux, author of The Story of Light: Path to Enlightenment, and Through Heaven’s Gate.

 WAKE UP! Your Heart Is Calling BUY NOW

Let your heart lead you like a beacon of light to the life that you were meant to live. Making heart based decisions becomes easier with the divine guidance in this unpretentious, mighty little book. This book is connected to an online environment where you can access the extended resources provided to you by the author. Enjoy the journey.

“Through her books, Helena is helping to raise the consciousness of humanity. In WAKE UP! Your Heart Is Calling, she clearly defines the role the heart plays in bridging the gap between our physical world and the world of Spirit, encouraging us to live with passion from an open heart.” – Jeane Watier, author of Law of Attraction trilogy.

 WAKE UP! Prosperity Is CallingBUY NOW

Do not be caught in an endless cycle of wanting and comparing yourself to others. Act. Helena’s book, WAKE UP! Prosperity Is Calling, guides you through the seven principles of living a life of prosperity. These principles will become your truth and experience once you use them and live them consistently. In this book you will read on various subjects from relationships and health, to goal setting and more from 20 other writers, speakers and coaches, as well.

“WAKE UP! Prosperity Is Calling, by Helena Kalivoda, is the top success tactic in a book full of exciting new ideas. Helena is a rising star in the field of success. You will love the insights she brings to the Personal Growth and Success field” – Bill Quain, Ph.D.

 WAKE UP! Prosperity Is CallingBUY NOW

This is a subset of the above paperback book of the same title, this one being a kindle format, presenting Helena’s contribution to the Success Series.
Do not be caught in an endless cycle of wanting and comparing yourself to others. Act. Helena’s book, WAKE UP! Prosperity Is Calling, guides you through the seven principles of living a life of prosperity. These principles will become your truth and experience once you use them and live them consistently.

“Every new level of success requires a NEW YOU!, and Helena Kalivoda, in her WAKE UP! Prosperity Is Calling, helps you to that next level quickly.” – Mike Litman.

 CREATION, Purposeful Mind Series, Book 1BUY NOW

FINALIST Poetry/Inspirational, 2013 USA Best Book Awards

Creation: Accessing Your Untapped Potential, is an inspiring collection of verses delivered to the author by Spirit. These motivational poems encourage you to access your untapped potential through living consciously as the powerful creator you are, acting as the director of your reality and approaching life in the way that best serves you. The topics in this book are designed to address many aspects of the human experience: conscious creation, intuition, imagination, clarity, abundance, the power to change from within and more.

“An absolutely delightful collection of poetry that makes you stop and think, ‘Am I approaching the life in the way that best serves me?’. Helena’s poetry is beautiful encouragement to live consciously.” – Tina Thrussell, speaker, author, facilitator, and coach.

 ILLUMINATION, Purposeful Mind Series, Book 2BUY NOW

GOLD Poetry &  BRONZE Spiritual/Metaphysical Non-Fiction, 2013 Global Ebook Awards

Illumination: Getting to Know the Invisible You, is a discourse on the “invisible”, on that part of humanity that is hidden from our three-dimensional senses. You are invited on an exciting journey of self-discovery through connecting deeper with your Self. The timeless wisdom of these powerful motivational messages will lead you home, to your Self. They will inspire you to fulfill your potential through understanding your dual nature.

“The beauty and the wisdom in these poems amazes me. It is such powerful material, it is giving me ‘happy chills’. I was so excited as I continued on and finished reading Helena’s second book of this series. I can hardly wait to get to her next book.” – Agnes L. Kirby, scriptwriter and poet.

 CONTEMPLATION, Purposeful Mind Series, Book 3BUY NOW

Contemplation: Understanding Your Inner World, deals with bringing conscious beingness into doingness. How consciously or not we live our daily lives is what defines us in our three-dimensional reality. Aspiring to change a condition in our life without attending to our “within”, cannot bring desired results. May this series help you to quicken the process of remembering your origins and propel you on your path of awakening and ultimately evolving with grace, fully connecting with your grand Self.

“You can’t be in a hurry to read this latest addition to Helena’s Purposeful Mind series. Each poem is a meditation within itself, deserving the contemplation the author suggests in the writing. I highly recommend you gift yourself with some internal exploration and be guided by her words that are so simply put, yet cannot be ignored.” – Christine Gabb, Emotional Transformation Coach.


 EVOLUTION, Purposeful Mind Series, Book 4BUY NOW

Evolution: It Is Time for the New You, deals includes visionary discourses pertaining to our future. We have reached the times when it is important that humanity starts making conscious choice. We are at a crossroads. What will happen next is entirely up to us, individually and collectively. Will we become obsolete through our material greed and relentless exploitation of our planet, or will we rejuvenate our Mother Earth and ourselves, and become the race of joyful, caring, one for all and all for one, beings? Only we can answer that to ourselves, nobody else can decide for us.

“Helena has done it again. It’s about time this book came out! Fresh and original perceptions. If you are ready to have the Author and her Divine team ignite your imagination with the unique, insightful considerations of inter dimensional perceptions of the reality of true Celestial Beings … then pick up this book and get comfortable. It’s quite a compelling read to pause and give contemplation to. This book will have you put your chin in your hand and go hmmmm … fascinating.” – Zale Zeviar, Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Businessman.


 METAMORPHOSIS, Purposeful Mind Series, Book 5BUY NOW

Metamorphosis: What Else Is Possible?, is the last of the five books in the empowering and enlightening Purposeful Mind series. This collection of the soul stirring verses in this book will help you to further expand your awareness that is essential to your spiritual development. Metamorphosis, the same as the other books in the series, will motivate you to go deep, to contemplate upon the “Self”, and embark on a journey of “inner” discovery and realization of what really matters in your life.

“An eclectic collection of uplifting poetic musings that help us appreciate who we are and the power of our own potentials.” – Brandon Royal, award-winning educational writer and author of The Little Blue Reasoning Book.


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