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Purposeful Mind Series – Book 5

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This is the last of the five books in this empowering and enlightening Purposeful Mind series. The author has been receiving guidance from the Spirit world for over fifteen years. In her books, the author shares what Spirit had shared with her. Through reading Purposeful Mind series, you will deepen your awakening and intensify your understanding that we all are Spirit, presently embodied on Earth, transcending our duality-based consciousness.

Synopsis: Metamorphosis is somewhat different from the previous books of the series. The material is not organized into themes; some poems are a bit more light-hearted, and some are shorter than the poems in the previous books. Yet, they continue in their inspirational and transformative influences. This collection of the soul stirring, motivational verses will help you to expand your awareness, which  is essential to spiritual development. Metamorphosis, just as the entire series, will inspire you to go deep, to contemplate upon the “Self”, and embark on a journey of “inner” discovery and a realization of what really matters in your life.


One Is as Important as All

The universe is vast
and it has never cast,
cast anyone away.
As in casting one away
the universe would harm itself,
as one is as important as all,
as one is all and all is one.

Do you understand this truth?


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