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Getting to Know the Invisible You

Purposeful Mind Series – Book 2

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Illumination is the second book of the motivational poetry, the Purposeful Mind series, by Helena Kalivoda. This book is a discourse on the “invisible”, on that part of humanity that is hidden from our three-dimensional senses. You are invited on an exciting journey of self-discovery through connecting deeper with your Self. The timeless wisdom of these powerful motivational verses will lead you home, to your Self. They will inspire you to fulfill your potential through understanding your dual nature.


Synopsis: The second book of the Spirit Is Calling series, delves into subjects such as our God within, our Thee (our Oversoul), our being the energy of Oneness, humanity’s relationship with the stars, and more. I have been receiving guidance from the Spirit world for over fifteen years and I wish you as much enjoyment from these verses, as I received when transcribing that, which came to me from the ethers.

Sample from Illumination: 

Your Core Is the Light 

A starry being is star matter
that shines to live,
that shines to breathe,
that is Light itself
that is shining throughout eternity.

Star matter that is not blocked in knowing
that life is a blessed event,
that life is a continuous stream
of starry eyed, everlasting
starry beings.

You are asking, and what is it they do?
They don’t do, they are.
They are beacons of Light
that is shimmering and is bright,
that is shining throughout millennia
sending messages of peace and love.
They are Light Beings
whose life consists of being Light.

Starry beings.
They are peacekeepers on the Earth.
They are peacekeepers of the Universe.
They are messengers of love.
Their core being is Light.

This Light travels to all and nowhere.
This Light is and casts no shadow.
This Light acts as a catalyst
to bring more life forward.

This Light is an enabler of God.
This Light is a protector of those
who call, who need it the most.
This Light embalms you in a protective shield.
This Light is a life-giving substance.

This Light permeates the universal eternity.
This Light brings life and opens doors
to those who seek Light, not dark.
Who seek enlightenment
and are seeking an explanation
of their evolution,
as they sometimes forget who they are.

This Light is a warm feeling in your chest
when you are happy.
This Light is a knowing that you belong,
that you are a creator with God,
that you can transmit yourself in a blink
from here to there and back
to experience all that which is a quark*.

*A quark is a very small particle that makes up protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus.

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