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Accessing Your Untapped Potential
Purposeful Mind Series – Book 1

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This is the first book of the Purposeful Mind series by Helena Kalivoda. CREATION is an inspiring collection of verses delivered to the author by Spirit. These motivational poems encourage you to access your untapped potential through living consciously as the powerful creator you are, acting as the director of your reality and approaching life in the way that best serves you. The topics in this book are designed to address many aspects of the human experience: conscious creation, intuition, imagination, clarity, abundance, the power to change from within and more.

Synopsis: Creation is a poetic study of how to create your ideal self and reach your potential. Our primary responsibility to ourselves is the understanding of our role as the creator of our lives and becoming a conscious creator. Whether we are aware of it or not, we create. And what is the better way of living—creating consciously or being unconscious of our powerful self, expecting others to fulfill our destiny? The ageless wisdom presented in these verses was transmitted to me from the realms of higher consciousness during the period of my life when I needed most to hear the truth of who we truly are: we are spiritual beings cloaked in our physical attire, living on our beautiful planet Earth. When reading this book, allow yourself to be drawn into the rhythm of the verses. Read and listen to them through your heart. They will activate your mind and assist you in remembering your origins.

Sample from CREATION:

Deliberately Create Your Life 

Have it your way,
as that is always the best,
as you are on your quest,
as you are your own boss,
as there is no one else who drives you.

Abracadabra it ain’t,
it is you who is splashing the paint,
splashing the paint on the canvas of your life.
Deliberately or not,
consciously or unconsciously,
it is always you.

Deliberately is a better option,
as then you know that you are in charge,
then you know that you are the boss.
From now on, be deliberate
in the ways you live your life.

Take heed today, be deliberate in your action.
Be your own osmosis.
Be your own deliberate teacher.
Live what you preach and teach by example.

Deliberately direct your inner powers
that will create the way
the world is formed around you.
Your inner power that creates your reality,
that comes from the inner strength,
that comes from the inner life,
that then shows outwardly,
that glows as a lighthouse
that is showing you the way as it intended to,
through you allowing yourself to create deliberately.

Deliberately is the way to create your way,
that may, and I am saying only may,
may appear as being something from outside
influencing you, being apart from you.
But that it is not, it is not.

You don’t need to be a Saint to create your reality.
Reality is your invention, reality is yours, yours.
Anything that happens to you,
happens as you intended it to.

Just remember that,
and deliberately create your life.


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