Growing Past the Edge


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Growing Past the Edge is a metaphor for being in your natural element of expanding beyond the perceived edge of your current existence. That is what your life is about – extending your boundaries, growing at the edges, becoming your true you through self-realization, becoming uninhibitedly excited about your existence. 

It Is a Process

Your thoughts and beliefs shape the life you live. Look around – where you are is a testimonial of your perceptions and thoughtsGrowing past the edge is a process of expansion during which you master yourself through Awareness, Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Applied Action
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Getting to Know Your Subconscious Mind

Susan's bookI am pleased to host Susan Sherayko, the author of Rainbows Over Ruins, the Executive in Charge of Production and Emmy nominated Line Producer for “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel. Find out how an unexpected event altered Susan’s life. Her story is a great example of how adversity can be a blessing in disguise if we change the way we think about it. Learn how you too can turn your biggest challenges into opportunities to transform your life.

Getting to Know Your Subconscious Mind

After we lost our home to a landslide, we spent the next 1 ½ years rebuilding our lives.  It was a life altering event.  However, out of crisis came opportunity.  For me, a new path opened when I began to study the power of the mind, [Read more…]

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