Growing Past the Edge


The following post, Growing Past the Edge, was featured by The Wellness Universe on April 29th, 2016. You may read it at or continue reading here:

Growing Past the Edge is a metaphor for being in your natural element of expanding beyond the perceived edge of your current existence. That is what your life is about – extending your boundaries, growing at the edges, becoming your true you through self-realization, becoming uninhibitedly excited about your existence. 

It Is a Process

Your thoughts and beliefs shape the life you live. Look around – where you are is a testimonial of your perceptions and thoughtsGrowing past the edge is a process of expansion during which you master yourself through Awareness, Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Applied Action
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You Are Whole and Complete

Recently, my quote and its expansions on the theme You Are Whole and Complete was featured at The Wellness Universe website:

You Came Here Perfectly Aligned with Who You Are. You Came Here Whole and Complete.

You came here whole and complete, you only think you are not. You think that you need to seek. You knock on the door that is open, but in your mind is forbidden and closed. You can slightly push on the unlocked door to open them wide, but through your misunderstanding, you have excluded yourself from stepping over the threshold, preventing yourself from living a joyful and fulfilling life.
Education and learning from different sources are great, but the time comes for you to be your own advisor – you know where you stand, and where and what you need to move forward. You know what you want and desire and what your passion is. So step fully into the role of your own guide and the conscious creator of your reality.

Article Source:  My Quote at The Wellness Universe


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