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Prosperity Is Calling

The Seven Principles

to Living a Life of Prosperity

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Prosperity Is Calling!
This is a kindle version  of Helena’s contribution to a book written by Helena and other 20 authors,  WAKE UP! Prosperity Is Calling, The Seven Principles  to Living a Life of Prosperity.


Synopsis: Though there are many definitions of ‘prosperity’, almost everybody has a dream of being prosperous. The truth about prosperity is in the beliefs and ways of the beholder. As with everything in life, what we believe is what we experience. Do not be caught in an endless cycle of wanting and comparing yourself to others. Act. Helena’s book, WAKE UP! Prosperity Is Calling, guides you through The Seven Principles of living a life of prosperity. These principles will become your truth and experience once you use them and live them consistently. They will help you to wake up to the prosperity that is all around you and allow you to receive what is already yours.

Quotes from WAKE UP! Prosperity Is Calling:

There is more to prosperity than money and finances. Material abundance by itself is not necessarily a mark of a prosperous person. Prosperity includes relationships and health, as well.

Focusing solely on becoming financially prosperous manifests a partial abundance that can sometimes lead to your alienation from the rest of the world. Without enjoyable relationships, your wealth can eventually become meaningless. Without health, you cannot enjoy the benefits of your abundance.

Wealth, relationships, and health are not defined only physically, but on mental and spiritual levels as well. Seek prosperity on all levels to bring happiness, joy, and love into your life, as those are the signs of a truly prosperous person.

When you reach this level of understanding, you will gravitate toward not only having, but also giving and receiving. There is a law that whatever you give, you get back. The more you give, the more you receive.

See your own prosperity as an opportunity to assist others. When you help others, you become a benefactor as well—you will be on the road to a life that is rewarding, a life that is full of enriching circumstances.

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