Growing Past the Edge


The following post, Growing Past the Edge, was featured by The Wellness Universe on April 29th, 2016. You may read it at or continue reading here:

Growing Past the Edge is a metaphor for being in your natural element of expanding beyond the perceived edge of your current existence. That is what your life is about – extending your boundaries, growing at the edges, becoming your true you through self-realization, becoming uninhibitedly excited about your existence. 

It Is a Process

Your thoughts and beliefs shape the life you live. Look around – where you are is a testimonial of your perceptions and thoughtsGrowing past the edge is a process of expansion during which you master yourself through Awareness, Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Applied Action
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You Are a Creator of Your World

I am thrilled to have my quote posted by The Wellness Universe. 

“You Are a Creator of Your World – Be Ready to Adhere to Your Own Guidance.”

Nothing comes to you without you laying the foundation for it – consciously or not, you create… – you can continue reading the extension at The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day

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