Go with the Flow

mountain_stream_and_moss_193711It has been all about flow for me these past several days. To slide and flow with the flow around me, as that is where I need to be – what is around me is important for me, otherwise, it would not be in my space.

It has been about seeing the connection, letting the events, places, and people unravel around me. Letting others experience their flow the way they understand it, and experience mine the way I understand it.

Do you experience a clash? So be it. Do not dwell on it. Let it pass from your space. Stay in your space; do not enter the clash’s space.

Understanding that it is all about you, not about others, is essential. You, staying in flow, in the centre of your own power. No other person can influence you once you recognize the peace you live in is yours and is not changed by anybody else.

You do not need to lay the law down. You do not need to overpower anything or anybody. You do not need to make any demands. You do not need to order or ask. You are all that you are without anybody to comply with you or assist you. You can be yourself and so can they.

Let yourself unravel completely, and then let your mountains become molehills. Let your raging rivers become little streams. Problems disappear and you will not miss them or want them back.

Be in flow. Deliberately live in peace and harmony with that which is, projecting and attracting more peace and harmony.

Helena Kalivoda, an award-winning author, writes books that are inspired by her soul. Find more about Helena and her books at https://www.awakenbyhelena.ca/buy-helena-kalivoda-amazon/ .

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