All Is a Game or No-thing Matters

sunsetAll Is a Game or Nothing Matters.

When you come to the conclusion that everything is a game anyway, then you will be able to relax and allow yourself to be what you already are. 

And you are a lot!

All that exists has already been done. It has been done many times, over and over again. Since the beginning of time, since the beginning of humanity, you played your games of evolution, attrition, growth, revelations, exclamations, and silence.

Every time you are born to the planet Earth, you feel the novelty of it. Each time you start from scratch. Being here is new to you every time. You may not stay as excited as you were at the beginning. You may start seeing yourself as a small drop in the ocean of consciousness.

No matter your perspective, you always are whole. Be as new and fresh as you can be. Be aware, expect miracles. Be childlike, keep the magic alive.

Life does not come with a pre-assigned meaning, you give it to it. You are born to a place where no thing matters. It is you, who supplies the judgement to your life. You can choose to see “nothing matters” as tragic, yet seeing it as tragic does not matter either.

Anything or everything is for your good, if you believe it is. Soothingly announce “Here I am. I have arrived. Even if no thing matters, I will stay on course. I will deliver what I came to deliver.” 

You will arrive another step closer to your goal of reaching out and connecting to your spirit, and staying in the bosom of your God and Goddess forever.

You are here for the experience that just is. Whether you worry about it or embrace it, it is as it is. Once you realize that nothing (no thing) matters, you will feel liberated. You will clear away your feeling of being responsible for living the “right” life and live as your authentic self.  

So do not try to make sense of life. Stop looking for the meaning of it. Start living in joy, acting and feeling free. Once you do, then you will see and understand the beauty and the divinity of the design around you. You will love all—all nature, all people, all animals. All.

Find the true you in a space between your thoughts, in the silence. Savor being still. Incline toward living calmly and peacefully, and you will realize that there is no need to chase or prove anything.

Remember… anything and everything arises from the space of “no thing”.

 “… being nothing, you are everything… ” Kalu Rinpoche

Helena Kalivoda is an award-winning author of transformative, spiritual books, that are inspired by her Soul. For more information about Helena and her books visit


  1. Great post.

  2. Thank you, appreciate your comment.

  3. ‘Incline toward living calmly and peacefully, and you will realize that there is no need to chase or prove anything.’ – I love this statement. So true.

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