Listen To Your Inner Guidance

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One of my quotes “When the Road Is Straight, Do Not Look for a Detour” from a new book I am working on prompted me to write about listening to one’s inner guidance:

Learn to listen to your inner guidance, as when you are unclear about your direction you cannot see “the straight road”. You believe the road cannot be straight as that would be too easy; that the straight road is blocked and avoiding it is the best you can do.

Know that life will offer you many detours, and at the end, you will encounter the straight road again. You can worry and complain while on a detour or you can perceive it as an opportunity for change and transformation.

Trust you eventually get back on a straight road. Let go of your worries and disappointments and summon your courage to learn from your life experiences during what you think are confusing detours. When you embrace them, you are bound to encounter aha moments and revelations and become clearer about your life path.

When I say do not look for a detour, it does not mean you cannot enjoy or choose your detours. At times, that is where you need to linger. However, do not avoid the straight road because of your fears or lack of confidence. Wean yourself from looking for roundabouts. Know that the straight road always exists for you to take and enjoy. Recognise the signs that beckon to you: Use me; I am the straight road for your take.




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The Family Unit or The Family Unity

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I am asking myself how one does maintain an environment of a mutual understanding, and of respect and loving embrace?

I am asking that as right now in my family a situation has evolved – a situation that I believed was on the mend, however, it took on a new turn. As a parent, I want my children to be close to each other, but there are things that can come up in different ways that so easily separate brothers and sisters. [Read more…]

Find Your Inner Calling

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Do not always see others as your example, as that can hold you back.

Find your inner calling and follow that.

Follow your heart. Know what draws and invites you. This will put you on the path to freedom from guessing how and what you ought to be. It does not mean your life path will be straightforward; it will have many detours.

Many are looking for their life path and mission. Some believe that it needs to be something big. But the purpose of life is simply to live a joyful, satisfying, and an authentic life, making use of your talents, doing what pleases, satisfies, and fulfils you.

How do you find your inner calling? [Read more…]

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