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Hello! I’d like to wish you the most joyful and peaceful holidays and, at the same time, bring to your attention the wonderful 25 Inspirational Holiday Quotes and Posters you can view at The Wellness Universe Holiday Quotes.

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Find Your Inner Calling

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Do not always see others as your example, as that can hold you back.

Find your inner calling and follow that.

Follow your heart. Know what draws and invites you. This will put you on the path to freedom from guessing how and what you ought to be. It does not mean your life path will be straightforward; it will have many detours.

Many are looking for their life path and mission. Some believe that it needs to be something big. But the purpose of life is simply to live a joyful, satisfying, and an authentic life, making use of your talents, doing what pleases, satisfies, and fulfils you.

How do you find your inner calling? [Read more…]

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