Be in Your Heart and Flow

By delving into the values linked to the heart, you can and will be more in tune with your own energy. You will feel and hear others through your heart, not through your mind. You will not judge.

You will know without reasoning. You will be in the flow of energetic fields and will choose that which sustains you, that which calls you, that which is you. [Read more…]

Conscious Becoming

metamorphosis bk5 cvr resEngage in conscious becoming, in conscious living. Be consciously mastering the skill of realizing the true you – a being that is eternal, is love. Trust your inner guidance, your inner self and allow your higher mind, your everlasting Thee, to guide you.

You are becoming an eternal being
who knows, who realizes,
who is aware
whenever you are on Earth
or other planes.
You are becoming an eternal being
who is aware.

Become. Allow yourself
to touch your everlasting Thee.
Your Thee that is always with you
even if you only knew
that you are an earthly being
and that is all you knew. [Read more…]

The Path to Wisdom Lies Within the Heart

Wake Up! Your Heart is Calling.This is a continuation of my previous post on the theme of the heart. The following is an excerpt from my Wake Up! Your Heart Is Calling – a brief discussion of our heart’s intelligence, as The Path to Wisdom Lies Within the Heart:

Your heart has its own intelligence. The heart’s intelligence is superior to that of your mind, and it is the heart’s intelligence that you should use. Through your heart’s logic the development of psyche, personality and ego occurs, which leads to the melding of all of them into one being that is led by your Spirit. When this happens you can accomplish from your heart ALL that you believe you can. [Read more…]

Connect with My Heart

ResizedHKalivodaWakeUpCoverI have not blogged for a while, as for over a month my computer was giving me a grief. The moment came when I picked up the phone and ordered a new computer. After a few days, my old computer started behaving again…

Was it a mater of letting go and stopping to fret over an uncooperative technology, as I decided to make my purchase? Perhaps. I like the way it turned out after all. Now we have 2 working computers and I do not have to wait my turn.

As I experienced ups and downs over the last few months I kept reminding myself that we always are taken care of and that all happens for a reason. I kept on reminding myself to be grateful for what I have, instead of worrying about what I do not have. I have allowed myself to connect with my heart, instead of fretting and being upset. [Read more…]

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