The Path to Wisdom Lies Within the Heart

Wake Up! Your Heart is Calling.This is a continuation of my previous post on the theme of the heart. The following is an excerpt from my Wake Up! Your Heart Is Calling – a brief discussion of our heart’s intelligence, as The Path to Wisdom Lies Within the Heart:

Your heart has its own intelligence. The heart’s intelligence is superior to that of your mind, and it is the heart’s intelligence that you should use. Through your heart’s logic the development of psyche, personality and ego occurs, which leads to the melding of all of them into one being that is led by your Spirit. When this happens you can accomplish from your heart ALL that you believe you can.

What you believe in your heart is PRIMARY, and what you believe in your mind is secondary. Your mind is a systematically trained electronic device that can befuddle you into thinking that your thoughts are you. There is no need to think of your thoughts and mind as “you,” as the mind is influenced by your life experiences, and by theories and philosophies, but these are not you. Your mind was trained by your upbringing, and you forgot that you are a heart-based person.

Make living through your heart your priority. Through your heart you “are.” Through your heart you become. What does it mean to “become”? You become that which you already were when you were born.

You were born a child without baggage. You were born a child with a smile. You were born full of trust. And, you also were born to change all of that through your learned behaviour, and the “real” you slowly eroded away. As you grew up, you became more self-centred than soul-centred. You became someone who kept the real you hidden, who pretended to be brave. That is not necessary; that is not the “truth. …”

The above extract is copyrighted and is from my WAKE UP! Your Heart Is Calling. In the book, there is a link to a FREE website that contains additional information about the heart and its function. It has videos, as well, and will guide you through answers and exercises.

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