Be in Your Heart and Flow

By delving into the values linked to the heart, you can and will be more in tune with your own energy. You will feel and hear others through your heart, not through your mind. You will not judge.

You will know without reasoning. You will be in the flow of energetic fields and will choose that which sustains you, that which calls you, that which is you.

We are a flow. We are a flow of consciousness, of energy. We are a flow and being in flow, we are like fish in water. Flow is where we live. When we enjoy ourselves by being in flow, we become that flow and seep from one to another. We feel the unity. We are one. Where there is flow, there is no separation. Fluidity has no beginning and no end. Therefore, we will see others as the unity we are. This is the joy of living. This is the joy of not being separated from each other.

How do we know if we are in flow? To see if you are in flow, examine the way you feel. Are you anxious or not, are you expectant or not. Are you hyper or calm. What is your feeling around places, people and so on. Are you impatient with them, are you rushing events, are you not listening to people, are you not seeing their anguish or joy. Those are all indications of your flow.

Helena Kalivoda, an award winning author, writes books that are inspired by her soul. Find more about Helena and her books at or any main book-selling websites.


  1. So very true. If we follow our heart and take our head along with it, we are so much better off. 😉 There is definitely no seperation and the sooner we all start grasping this, the better this world will be. 😉

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