Conscious Becoming

metamorphosis bk5 cvr resEngage in conscious becoming, in conscious living. Be consciously mastering the skill of realizing the true you – a being that is eternal, is love. Trust your inner guidance, your inner self and allow your higher mind, your everlasting Thee, to guide you.

You are becoming an eternal being
who knows, who realizes,
who is aware
whenever you are on Earth
or other planes.
You are becoming an eternal being
who is aware.

Become. Allow yourself
to touch your everlasting Thee.
Your Thee that is always with you
even if you only knew
that you are an earthly being
and that is all you knew.

Your Thee is waiting to touch your heart.
Your Thee is your everlasting friend.
Your Thee and you, please comprehend,
are one that always was
and always will be.
You and your Thee.

 Your Thee sits in your heart.
Touch your heart and follow your Thee.
Touch your heart and say:

I am waiting for your cries
to wake me up
and bring me to you in the silence.
You, my Thee, be with me,
be my companion from now on,
on Earth, everywhere,
be my true companion.

The above verses are from Illumination, Getting to Know the Invisible You – Click Here

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