Find Your True Self

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Find Your True Self –
ou Are That You Are Looking For.

Finding the true you is a lifetime process that will become an enlightening experience for you. It is about understanding the whats, wheres and whys of your life, understanding your preferences and passions – discovering your true self that enables you to live satisfying and fulfilling life.

How Do You Find the True You?

Resolve to be you. You will lose some and gain others, and that is fine.

Realise what your preferences, values, and likes are.

Recognise your talents and strengths, your weaknesses and limitations.

Appreciate your characteristics and qualities.

Enjoy your new found interests and passions. 

Stay true to you instead of expecting a nod of approval from others.

Keep living your truth and continue down the path of discovery of your best and true self.

Be guided by your heart, as then you always think and act true to yourself.

Since the beginning of times, you have always been looking for ‘something’. That something is YOU that sent you here, that is always linked to you and is communicating with you. Listen to that voice within, as you have a forever-helper and a camaraderie that cannot be broken.

Namaste, Helena


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Award Winning Author Helena Kalivoda, writes books that are inspired by her Soul. She takes you on a spiritual journey that combines her experience, wisdom, and your desire to know more about yourself into books that are a must have for your collection. To  find out more about Helena and her books, and get your gift, visit Helena’s website at Her author’s page is at Helena is the member of The Wellness Universe. 

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