I Live My Truth


Over time, I have collected a number of quotes extracted from the books I authored. Several of my quotes and their expansions were featured at The Wellness Universe blog. Here is one of the quotes as posted on their site in April/2016:

I Live My Truth Without Imposing It on Others.
I Recognise We All Have Our Truths.

You are born to live your truth. You are on your personal journey, reaching your conclusions and realization, searching for your authentic self. As there are different levels of consciousness and each consciousness has its own set of truths, yours may differ from others.

Your truth is meant for you. It is yours to live for your particular experiences and your level of understanding. Always apply your truth to you – when you share your truth, do not ask or expect others to follow it.

To help you in keeping grounded into your true you, make time for yourself. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Connect with nature, book a weekend for yourself, go to a movie, read, write, meditate, anything that feeds you and satisfies you.

Live your life by your heartfelt truth. You will feel balanced, content, and will not seek outside validation. You will be your own beacon of light.

If you stick to your truth, you will never feel sorry that you have not lived according to your wishes and dreams. You will be regarded as a trustworthy individual, who can be relied on and always will honestly express his or her individuality.


Hosetd by: Quote & Expansion as featured by The Wellness Universe.


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Award Winning Author Helena Kalivoda, writes books that are inspired by her Soul. She takes you on a spiritual journey that combines her experience, wisdom, and your desire to know more about yourself into books that are a must have for your collection. To  find out more about Helena and her books, and get your gift, visit Helena’s website at http://www.awakenbyhelena.com. Her author’s page is at http://www.amazon.com/author/helena-kalivoda. Helena is the member of The Wellness Universe. 

From My Spirit – a Labyrinth of Labyrinths

Iona, Scotland

Iona, Scotland www.labyrinthos.net

A labyrinth of labyrinths is the human soul. The Soul is inclined not to just hover within and around you but to ‘fly’ and enjoy the possibilities offered through many diverse undertakings that can be taken on over the course of your life on Earth.

When you do not take advantage of the opportunities that your Soul yearns to experience, there is a troubled feeling of discomfort or illness. Occasionally, the retort of unease may slip from your tongue, and at those times you may say, oh my, I have enough. Your Soul takes notice – it will not pursue that particular option. [Read more…]

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