From My Spirit – a Labyrinth of Labyrinths

Iona, Scotland

Iona, Scotland

A labyrinth of labyrinths is the human soul. The Soul is inclined not to just hover within and around you but to ‘fly’ and enjoy the possibilities offered through many diverse undertakings that can be taken on over the course of your life on Earth.

When you do not take advantage of the opportunities that your Soul yearns to experience, there is a troubled feeling of discomfort or illness. Occasionally, the retort of unease may slip from your tongue, and at those times you may say, oh my, I have enough. Your Soul takes notice – it will not pursue that particular option.

However, there is that lost opportunity, and your Soul still yearns to experience it. When you come to understand that feeling, which is pulling on you, then you will recognise when to undertake that which beckons you. Do understand, your role is not to jump from one endeavour to another. It is to seamlessly account for all, as much as you can.

A seemingly lost opportunity is always available. Until you arise to the occasion again, you may not encounter it but once you do, whoa, go and fly with it.

We are wishing you many opportunities to magnify your ‘ah-aha’ moments and to magnify your successes. Since the successes of ‘for-all-the-wrong-reason-conceived’ ideas are short lived, we advise you to concentrate on successes of an internal nature, such as, satisfaction or fulfillment of an old wish or long-standing desire.

We wish you many simple pleasures in your life: simplicity at its best – friendship, love, nature, good food and, why not, some good wine, as well. Enjoy your life. You Earthlings are just too impressed by virtues that turn into non-virtues and then inhabit your world through sadness and sorrow. Be in joy! Namaste, we are gone.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

*** Note: This was a message from my Spirit that I wanted to share with you. Labyrinth brings to mind a circle of life – only one entry, one exit; you never leave as the same person that went in. The second paragraph reflects on the conflict between ego and soul, how the soul is a passenger in this physical vessel and how fear of the unknown keeps us stuck in a known.

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