Bring Your Heart Into All Your Actions

hug-awardOur heart, as an organ, has its counterpart. It is an etheric heart, which is in charge of the physical heart. This etheric heart of ours is connected to our planetary heart. All the way to Spirit and our Creator our heart is linked. It pumps our blood. It makes us feel love. It is our best advisor. It is our leader.

Bring your heart into all your actions and you will see amazing changes – your heart is what you need to overcome your problems or obstacles.

Do not ask, “Can I do it? Will this and that person like it?” Instead, ask your heart: “How do you like it heart? Does it feel good? Is this the right thing to do?” [Read more…]


creation cvr large resCuckoo lays eggs
in someone else’s nest.
Cuckoo is curious
what is hatching right and left
and itself is unaware
what is in her very own, very own nest.

Being unaware
is like being wrapped in a cocoon
that is windowless and dark,
that is confining and stark,
that has many layers
and it takes so long
to unwrap those long, long folds
of fine film wrapper
that is called the physical universe.

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