creation cvr large resCuckoo lays eggs
in someone else’s nest.
Cuckoo is curious
what is hatching right and left
and itself is unaware
what is in her very own, very own nest.

Being unaware
is like being wrapped in a cocoon
that is windowless and dark,
that is confining and stark,
that has many layers
and it takes so long
to unwrap those long, long folds
of fine film wrapper
that is called the physical universe.

Who is the first in your life? It is you.
Who is your leader? It is you.
Who is your teacher? It is you.
You are all that is important.
You are all that is precious.
You are all that you need,
and no greed for other things
can add any value to it.

You are a spiritual being.
You are the center of your universe.
You are the mother of your thought
that is powerful and creates a new world.

So, what is it going to be?
Don’t be a cuckoo who lays eggs
in someone else’s nest,
and then cannot see the fruition
of her own creation.

From CREATION, Accesing Your Untapped Potential.

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