I AM My Own News

all seeing eye

A few days ago, the following message came through:
“Deeply engage in figuring out yourself.”

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is to turn the computer on. I claim it is to leisurely drink my first glass of water before breakfast, but I know I do it to sooth my computer addiction – checking my email, social media, and surfing the internet.  The question that has been on my mind lately is, how is this habit helping me to connect with Me?

Is this before-anything-else-in-the-morning computer surfing something I benefit from? The answer for some may be yes, but in my case the answer is no. Since I have confessed to myself, I have gone back to that which has been my connection to my larger Me. I went back to morning meditation and contemplation. Back to me, as I AM the connector to the rest of the world for me. I AM my own news. I know through me, not through the outer sources, what is real or not real for me. I reflect my inner world in my outside world.

If I do not plug into the energy of what goes on in the outer world, I give myself the freedom fo plug into the universal energies coming in and out of that point that is me; me, standing in the field of all possibilities and probabilities.

Since discarding my habit of getting my information first thing in the morning through the outer media, I have felt so free. I have felt exuberantly free to focus on what I truly love – writing, being in nature, however short or long my nature walk may be.

Do I still use my computer during the day to check my email, internet news and my social media accounts? Of course I do. Except now I do not make it my priority and certainly not the first activity of my day.

Namaste, and have a great day.

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