An Invitation to Join a Different Tribe

WUVIPA different tribe … or perhaps YOUR tribe?

Today, The Wellness Universe announced the re-launch of their platform. If you are a twitter user, you may have encountered following or similar tweets:

“Be one WITH us as we have launched the best network of world changers. .

Yes, this is a group of world changers, co-creators of the new world – a collective of individuals who make the world a better place through their information, services or products that change and improve people’s lives and  the environment.

If that is something you are passionate about or interested in, click on the following link to read about The Wellness Universe or even better, join for FREE at

I have been a member for some time and have been delighted with and proud of the authenticity and quality of the members’ contributions to the betterment of the world.

Namaste and be well.

IMG_7722 fwitter (1)

Award Winning Author Helena Kalivoda, the member of The Wellness Universe, writes books that are inspired by her Soul. She takes you on a spiritual journey that combines her experience, wisdom and your desire to know more about yourself into books that are a must have for your collection. To  find out more about Helena and her books, and get your gift, visit Helena’s website at Her author’s page is at

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