Expand Your Heart

heartThe purest feelings are those that are based in love. Understanding, loving thoughts are the finest. Not only for you but also for those in your presence, on the receiving end. It is about loving all, loving your neighbour as much as your enemy. There is no difference between them in pure, unconditional eyes of love. Love treats them equally; it does not matter what the outcome of their actions is.

When your heart is ‘on fire’, it produces a substance that burns up all weaknesses and inferiority in your body and your surrounding environment. This etheric substance cannot be smelled or seen but is always present and waiting to be activated. So turn your heart on! Be in your heart. Through burning with passion and love you will cleanse yourself of the undesirable erosion that can be permeating your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Burn heart burn. Burn with passion. The flame of your heart is waiting to be aflame. The substance of your heart is ready to be activated. Burn, heart, burn.

*** Note: The writer of this blog receives messages but does not guarantee or always understands the veracity of them. You are welcome to your own interpretation.

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