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Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving. I am thankful not only for food and the blessings we will enjoy at our family Thanksgiving gathering tonight, but also feel a huge thank-you to My Self that has been partaking in my, or should I say “our”, not the easiest at all times, ride, my life “story”.

I have come from the depths of my despair at the end of 2001 to what my life is today. Today, I am an author, connected to my Spirit Guides and My Self. I am savoring my days of writing, being with my loved ones and my friends, and, I am thankful and grateful for my past struggles, as without them I would not be who I am today.

I’ve learned that to be in flow is the way, and, at the same time I understand that there is no finish line. I understand that our existence is about reaching equilibrium, and yet we are not ever finished. As soon as we reach it, it unravels again. There is no end to our growth. It is a see-saw movement – up and down, up and down. It is like a wave – it comes in and then goes out, on and on.

Flow with the rhythm of your life, be just like a river, a river that flows and flows… Allow the river of your life to flow. Be in flow as that is the way; it is life itself. When you flow, you cannot be held back – let yourself flow and your flow will not stop.

Do not forcefully manage your flow. Through managing, you will interrupt the naturalness of your flow. Do not judge your flow. Through judging, your flow will be hindered. Do not question your flow. Your questioning will slow down the flow.

Do not ever feel rejected, no matter the circumstance. Just say, “This did not work out and there is another way that has already opened to me, as I am in flow and I am the flow”.

Be in flow. Let go and let be – surround yourself with acceptance and gratitude for what is. You will know when you are in flow. The flow is a feeling of “doing without doing” – it is when synchronicities become your way of living. It is an experience of enjoyment, happiness, creativity and growth.

Be in your flow. Be with that which flows naturally for you. Be that which you are – live your passion. How do you know what your passion is? It is what you enjoy. It is when the time flows. When it flows fluidly. It is when you feel good.

Be Your flow. Be with Your Self – be with OneSelf and All, as One is All and All is One. Experience the state of Oneness. When you are ready to be that flow, ALL will be ready to flow with you.

Namaste and be well. Helena

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I am inviting you to read an excerpt (see below) about flow from my book AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling. The material in AWAKEN! was dictated to me by Spirit. It came to me, or rather through me, in 2001, when I was in a dire need of help to recover from illness, and the medical profession did not offer any solutions to me. Enjoy.

“You keep a stiff upper lip. You keep your cool. You keep your awe of others. You keep your reserved nature. You keep, keep, keep. Do you see what we mean? You spend energy on keeping, keeping, instead of flowing. Flow. Be in flow. Do not be impeded by a feeling that you always need to look right. That your dress is not short or long enough. That your socks do not match. Be in flow.

What a relief. Relax and experience joy. The joy of being in flow. With yourself, with your surroundings, with your loved ones. Being in flow is the way to be.

Delve into the harmonies, delve into the feelings, delve into all that is connected to the heart.

Delve into that which is not mental. Which is supreme to mental; which is a connection via the heart to your supreme being, creator of creators, God. By delving into the values linked to the heart, you can and will be in more direct connection with His energy. You will be more in tune with your own energy. You will hear others through your heart, not your mind. You will feel instead of judge. You will know without reasoning. You will be in the flow of energetic fields and will choose all that sustains you, that calls you, that is you, as that is what we all are. We are a flow. We are a flow of consciousness, of energy. We are a flow, and being in flow, we are like fish in water.

Flow is where we are, where we live. When we enjoy ourselves by being in flow, we become that flow and seep from one to another. We feel the unity; we are one. Where there is flow, there is no separation. Fluidity has no beginning and no end. Therefore, you can be a tree’s conscious brother. You can walk during your day looking at things through a deer’s eyes. You will see your partner as the unity you are. This is the joy of living. This is the joy of not being separated from each other. This is the joy.

How do you know if you are in flow? To see if you are in flow, examine the way you feel. Are you anxious or not? Are you expectant or not? Are you hyper or calm? What is your feeling around places, people and so on? Are you impatient with them, are you rushing events, are you not listening to people, are you not seeing their anguish or joy?

These are all indications of your flow. Flow and there is no anguish, rushing, or impatience. All is calm and taken in a state of pleasantness, calmness, and peace.

Being in flow is the way to be. Being in flow is soothing to your nerves, calming to your body, calming to the people around you. Being in flow is so mellow that, to you, all complications feel like they have no weight. They are not weighty. They are not important. Your life flows like a brook in a meadow through the right circumstances.

If you are in flow, it will affect all people around you. They will be in flow by you getting in flow. All will be in flow around wherever you move. You will be in flow on all levels of your existence. You will be at peace. Your body will be at the highest peak possible of its restful self. You will never be rattled and events will slide in and out of your life, as they should, without too much event-fullness.

That is how to live your life. Flow, flow, flow. Flow with the energy within, with the energy without. Flow, flow, flow. Energies flow with those surrounding them. Synchronicity is the result of flowing your energies in harmony with the energies around you. That is how synchronicity happens. Then synchronized harmonic energies begin synchronized harmonic events in your life, and more synchronicity takes place.

Realizing that flow brings you revelations is pertinent to your life. Flow is where intuition and knowledge come from. You will know where you need to be, what to do, how to act, how to react. Your flow will bring to you that which you worked on so hard with so much effort, effortlessly. “Be in flow” is a message that needs to be spread. Being in flow is letting your divinity take over to work the circumstances out, seemingly by themselves. Being in flow is the flow itself.

Get yourself sliding, flowing with the flow around you, as that is where you need to be, as all that is around you is important to you. Otherwise, it would not be around your space. See the connection. Let the events, places, people unravel around you. Let them experience their flow the way they understand it and experience yours the way you understand it. Is there a clash? So be it. Do not dwell on it. Let it pass from your space and stay in your own space. Do not enter the clash’s space.

Do you understand? It is all about you, not about others. It is about you, not them. Stay in your flow, in the centre of your own power. No other person can influence you once you recognize the peace you can live is yours and is not changed by anybody else.

You do not need to lay the law down. You do not need to overpower anybody. You do not need to make any demands. You do not need to order or ask. You are all that you are without anybody having to comply with you. To assist you. You can be all yourself and so can they.

Let yourself unravel in your full capacity, and then mountains become molehills. Raging rivers become little streams. Problems disappear, and you will never miss them or want them back.

Be in flow. There is nothing you need or have to do. There is nothing you ought to do. All is as it is. You do what your desire tells you to do, not because of others but because of your own desire to be there, to do what you want to do.

Always ask. Ask your heart. “Why am I asking for it? Why do I want it? Do I need it? Do I need to feel good because some other person will like what I do? Is it for me? Is it because of my own idea, or is it someone else’s idea I think I need to look after?” And then you will be clear on what you need to do.

Be in charge, examine your want. Find whose want it is, your own or someone else’s. Then act or not, you decide. Stay in flow and life will be a pleasant stroll in the meadows.

And that is all for now. Namaste, and we will see you later. We love you and we cherish you. Be in flow. Are you?”

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