On Being Abundant and Abundance

78c8dff1…  Today, you are asking for explanations, as you, at times, feel devoid of abundant life. Well, maybe you are not, but others may…

What is it that is hampering you? What is holding you back from being abundant, steeped totally in the plenty?

It is such that the thoughts of yours cannot be conjugated properly, as you jump from thinking of having to not having. Thinking of having, not having, having, not having…  How can you decide on your objective or derive the fulfilment of your objective, if you are not steady in your thinking?

Steady your wish. Be steady in your projections. Be steady when you ask for what you want. Be steady in thinking of what you have. Be steady, and then, do not penalize yourself – do not be without believing. Believe, believe, believe, as believing is first, before seeing.

Believing is a priority. Believe it. Feel it. Feel accomplishment. Feel joy. Feel pleasure. Feel fulfilled. Feel good. Good feelings bring good, positive results.

When you do not feel good, the portion of you says, I am miserable. And, when you are miserable, your energies look for miserable compatriots.

Do not be miserable. Be savvy, yet gentle and soft, and totally aware of your abundance. Universe is abundant and you are the universe. What else do you think you are? All is of universe, all is universe.

Does not matter where you are, you are energy. You are consciousness, you are universe. Again: you are universe and universe is abundant. Abundance is your birthright. Abundant you are, does not matter how you look at it.

As your abundance is a given, believe it. Be it. Take it. Appropriate it. Say:

“I am abundant. I am the most abundant, as abundance is my right. I am abundant, as abundance is mine to have. I already have it. I already live it. It is here, it is here, my abundance is here.”

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, all are abundant. Abundant with this or that – fear or pleasure, joy or sadness. Your abundance depends only on you – abundance of misery or happiness.

Is this something you do not understand? Get it and get on with it. Abundance is you. Already enough; get on with ‘the program’. Abundance is yours to live.

Enjoy yourself. Be living abundantly without fears, without limitations. Be that which you are, an abundant, ever flowing consciousness.

Being well… Being abundant…  Namaste.

The following verses are from CREATION, Accessing Your Untapped Potential, available at:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005SYSVNG

Abundance Is the Law

More is not the way to conquer yourself.
More is not the way to receive blessings.
More is a curse if taken to extreme,
more cannot be the law.
Abundance is,
but it does not imply more.
Abundance is the law.

The law of the universe is abundance for all,
therefore, you don’t have to worry about more.
If all are blessed at all times, one cannot suffer.
If none is in a need, the law is understood.
Love is a law, so is abundance.

The universe is ready to give, just ask.
The universe is ready to supply.
The universe is ready, just apply.
Just apply your thoughts
to follow the path of the universal law
of abundance and love.

Be a Proud Citizen of the Earth

Some believe in poverty,
instead of the law
of abundance and love.

To them, poverty means
that it leads
toward an enlightenment
that it is a virtue
of the Soul.

Is that what you believe?
Is that how you live?
Poverty is not the way to go.
Do respect abundance, love,
and joy.

Poverty of relationships,
poverty of thoughts,
poverty of material substance.
None of this is a virtue,
none of this is a law.

All of this makes you crawl,
it makes you beg and crawl.
Do not beg. Be proud.
Be a proud citizen
of the Earth.

Be proud,
do not be a pauper.
Be proud to receive and keep
the blessing of the universe—
abundance and love.

The following text  is from Awaken, Spirit Is Calling, a 2012 Global eBook Awards Finalist:

Unnatural, as it may seem,
are the cravings
for abundance and for sweets,
for all good things.
Unnatural, as it may seem,
the poverty image seems to prevail.

Unnatural, as it may seem,
is the uncertainty about which is right.
Is it the poor image or is it abundance?”

Is it that or the other? The reply may seem simplistic: it is what you choose. If you choose to live in poverty, that is your highest choice. If you choose to be in abundance, that is your highest choice. It needs then to be adhered to; it needs to be acclaimed. It needs to be proclaimed in every step of your life. If you choose one, then stick with it. Do not wonder if that is the right way to be. Once you decide that that is what you want, it becomes the right way to live. Being poor is fine, if that is what you want. Being abundant if fine, if that is what you want. Live your choice and be happy.

Now listen to this: you can always change your choice. If you find that it does not agree with you anymore or that you want to experience something else, release the previous choice and choose your new choice. You will smoothly flow from one choice to the other.

Remember, choose and adhere to it. If after a time of adherence you learn what you wanted from your choice, then you may decide to change and live that new choice. Do not wonder what is right. You, as your own director of your own show decide which way to go. Then stick to it. If it feels good, stay in it. If it feels unpleasant or disagreeable, forget it.

What does this say to you? First, you need to be clear about what you want. You need to know where you want to be.

Do you want to be there or somewhere else? Do you need to be poor or abundant? If the choice is clear, then stick to it. Your perseverance will bring the desired results and will accomplish what you want to accomplish. All those choices, all those life experiences are needed for you to continue towards the realization that you, as a creator, can make any choice be your choice. So choose and be well acquainted with your wants.

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