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evolution cvr bk4 resOne recent morning I was reading God’s Dominion; A Sceptic’s Quest, by Ron Graham, an award-winning author and journalist while enjoying my coffee. The book is about a world of many different religions and their leaders and includes fascinating true stories. The author writes from his personal experiences as he travelled across Canada in his search for truthfulness in the various faiths practised within Canada`s borders. His book describes all facets of human nature, from comfort and trust to betrayal, pornography, child abuse, and spiritual teachers attracted to power and abusive behaviour.

As I was reading the part of the book about a Tibetan Buddhist faith teacher, it suddenly came to my mind that throughout the ages, none of the religions of the past or present accepted women as equals. Not that it is such a new thought, but at that moment I became fully aware of the fact that not even the most tolerant religions would allow women to participate in the ways that men have been allowed to participate.

I felt strongly that these times we are living in are about our species’ further evolution. We must honour, respect and cherish both female and male energies, or otherwise, as individuals and a race, we cannot be whole and thriving

Several years ago, I wrote a few poems to express my thoughts and feelings on this same subject. I would like to share some with you today:

Deliberate, as you go through life.
Deliberate and think of many reasons
for your demise from the premise 
of manly nature. You are a woman.
You are a live, live woman,
woman that is wise and discerning,
that reaches out for the universe.

Yes, we are. Daily, woman are stepping into their power. No political, economic and religious powers can hold them back. And, it is in the interest of the entire human race, not only in the interest of women. The changes relate to both, male and female. It is about balance and harmony. It is not about one holding power over the other.

This is an era  of changing core beliefs.
A new journey that is inevitable,
a new journey that is already in a full swing,
as we all are on the verge or the brink
of the new era called The Age of Woman.

The Age of Woman is an age of understanding,
an age of new ideas and plots that do not include wars
and other toys liked by some of those who are now called men.

Female energy is here to take care of the planet.

It is here to implement a new, yet an ageless wisdom…


Whether you are a man or a woman, honour and balance both, female and male sides of you. You cannot ignore forever that which is natural.

~ Helena


***Noteevolution cvr bk4 res: The above verses are from

EVOLUTION, It Is Time for the New You,

the fourth book in the Helena’s Purposeful Mind series
that is available in paperback and Kindle.

Helena Kalivoda is an award-winning author of transformative, spiritual books that are inspired by her Soul. She has published eight books. For more information about Helena’s books visit http://www.booksbyhelena.com


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