An Author Journey or My Passion Is My Conscious Connection to My Spirit

frontWhy do I write? It is because of a deep satisfaction and a feeling of fulfillment, stemming from being connected to my Spirit-Self when I sit down to write.

I have been writing since the early nineties. While in the midst of working for a large corporation, a delightful surprise came to me. A deep yearning for change brought me a pleasure, an inner satisfaction and the joy of receiving material from the place I call the blue yonder – from beyond this reality.

However, the true breakthrough only came after I became very ill. Not knowing when and if I would get better, I began writing about how I felt. I wrote every day. Eventually, I healed. I have not stopped writing, as right from the beginning it had become very important to my own development.

Since then, when I sit down to write, I intercept and transcribe the spiritual philosophies, concepts, and ideas, listening to what I call a voiceless voice.

I amassed a lot of material. I realized how helpful it was to me, and that there are others who could benefit from it. That was the start of my self-publishing journey. The messages I received when I was ill, became my first book, titled AWAKEN, Spirit Is Calling.

I went through a process of understanding and later fine-tuned my how’s and where’s. The how’s included editing, designing and creating my book covers, also networking with other writers and self-published authors. The where’s included whether to print a large number of books through a printing-house and then promote locally, or to list my books on major book websites and have my books printed on demand, or to combine both methods.

It has been an enjoyable, transformative journey. Through the process of writing and clarifying how I want my books to come to life, I have been learning, changing, and growing. Today, I am distributing my books via print on demand, through The Lightning Source, a division of Ingram, an US-based book distributor. My books are on Amazons, Barnes & Noble, some are on Chapters and Indigo, as well. I also print a number of books for my family and friends, and for several local bookstores.

I see myself more as a scribe than a writer. Intercepting and writing down what I hear from what I call a silent, voiceless voice, brings me deep fulfillment. I learn and grow, and at times, ‘they’ try me out, saying: this is how we see it, what do you believe? Do you live your truth? Do you walk your talk?

To all you budding writers and already accomplished authors, I wish you the best. May you write about your passion. Write every day and do not judge yourself. Write for yourself, because of you, not because of others.

  Helena Kalivoda is an award-winning author. She published eight books. Find more about Helena and her books at or any major on-line bookstores. Check out her author’s page at


  1. Very insigthful, thanks for sharing!

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