Awaken! Spirit is Calling by Helena KalivodaToday, I received email that at first, surprised me. Then it made me think all the way back to the beginning of this year and after some time I realized that yes, I did send my book AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling to a book competition early this year. Since only today I received review from the judge named Judge no. 25, it became obvious to me that I did not get a prize. However, I did like the review by the mysterious Judge no. 25:

“The writing conveys this author’s passion for understanding the ways of the spiritual life and, in following one of its basic tenets, generously shares her wisdom in the pages of this practical, well-organized book, displaying a real compassion for the human experience in times of grief. Ms. Kalivoda presents her observations in a way that should inspire in ways that can only benefit any reader willing to make the leap of faith and accept and follow her suggestions and the principles she conveys. The writing is clear and concise so as to be accessible to the experienced reader of such books also while remaining wholly accessible to newcomers.”

This year, AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling, in its Kindle electronic format, became a finalist in Spiritual/Metaphysical category in The Global eBook Competition, as well.

AWAKEN! is based on universal laws and contains powerful truths for each person’s journey. Some readers wrote that transcriptions of angelic language served them as meditation and reading parts of the book aloud brought them harmony and hope.

This is what my spirit guides wished to convey in AWAKEN!:

“Through these writings, we seek to awaken those who are not aware of their spiritual nature. We seek to awaken those who have already been feeling unease in their lives and do not understand where it is coming from. This book was also written for those who are already aware of their spiritual origins and would like to receive confirmation. All who will read it are ready to comprehend that this period of time in which they live is the time to open their hearts and examine their ways of conducting their lives.”

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