The Spiral of Life and the Assemblage Point


A majority of my writings comes from the place I call a blue yonder above. The following is one of the messages I receive when I sit down to write:

The spiral of life is life itself. Within the spiral of life, you make your way. Your experiences repeat until you assemble and integrate them. You then graduate to a new level of your life spiral, to a new phase of your experiences. While on Earth, you experience that which you call death. As you are an eternal spirit, your ‘death’ is simply the opening to a new phase on the spiral of your existence.

From experiencing yourselves in many phases of possible directions, you grow.  This is irreversibly, continually, happening and eventually brings you to the point of assembly, where the integration of ‘all of you’ happens. That, which is called awakening, precedes this assemblage point.

When you are at the point of assemblage, it does not mean your evolution is finished. An assembly of your wholeness only indicates the start of a new level of spiralling, until another new wholeness comes to be.

Each assemblage point occurs in its own time – you cannot rush forward if you are not ready, and you cannot postpone that has been set to come. It is a unique process for everyone. You spirit knows you are not ready for that which you do not have the experiences of but the physical you may be impatiently hoping for a breakthrough.

The important thing is to know that one is always at the right place and time. Instead of waiting for something to come or happen, savour every moment of your life. Be content with your own speed of growth. If not, you may be engaging brakes, instead of moving forward.

We all are evolving at our own pace. Therefore, disengage any brakes you may have regarding your growth. Trust yourself to always be at the best possible place at every moment of your life, thus releasing expectations and being in the flow and receptivity of what life offers to you. Namaste.

Note: I have not heard of ‘assemblage points’ before and was hesitant about posting the above message after it came through. Therefore, I decided to first search the internet for the assemblage point before posting what I wrote as per above. To my surprise, I found a large number of articles about the assemblage point concept. There are several meanings and usages of it. Some are used in the field of  medicine. Some are used in the spiritual context, referring to the way we evolve. As per Amorah Quan Yin the assemblage point is the name given to the point of consciousness that moves along an energy channel in the body that measures human evolutionary frequency. She describes 13 levels of an assembly point. Moving to the higher level corresponds to how we grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and relates to our physical health, as well. Amorah notes: “… every spiritual opportunity and healing opportunity lays waiting inside for the exact frequency impulse from the assemblage point.” There are other sources of information about assemblage points available on the internet by different writers and organizations, as well. 

~ Helena


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