Creation Is an Inner Job

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Think positive. Think that you can. Think big. Think like a pro who knows that creation is his business. It is your personal business to create the best life for you. To create the best opportunities that come to you. It is your personal business to not wait for something to happen, but to create. To project through seeding the ideas that bring you to the point when all happens spontaneously as you reach momentum and the times when all, everything, that you think comes to be.

For example, below the success line is the thinking of those in their mid-life who do not believe themselves able to retire when they want or are due to retire. When you hit a plateau (such as this) in your thinking, you will not come up with resolutions but be pulled down by the effects.

Appropriate thinking will bring you realizations that creation is an inner job. Nothing is given to you by others. It is received by you, or it can be said is taken by you, by you creating it. You create your life. You create yourself. Be invincibly steeped in the belief that creation comes from you, as that is fact. Creation is your own inner responsibility. Do not wait for someone to do it for you. It is your responsibility to consciously start weaving the thread of achievement and manifestations of your own doing. Go for it. Be your own creator as that is who you are.

  Helena Kalivoda is an award-winning author. She self-published eight books, all on Kindle, some of them in print, as well. Find more about Helena and her books at or any major book websites.

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