Your Heart vs. Your Mind

Wake Up! Your Heart is Calling.You Are Born with a Fully Open Heart

The heart acts as a connector between your physical and spiritual aspects. You are born with a fully open heart, but your heart may eventually close when it is challenged repeatedly. Your heart, as a pump, will still be well equipped to support the biological life of your body, but the heart that is your divine connection will wait, poised and eager, for you to understand that without a warm, kind and loving heart, you will not be able to fully function at your possible finest in this material world. 

Does the Heart Have Its Own Intelligence?

Your heart has its own intelligence. The heart’s intelligence is superior to that of your mind. It is the heart’s intelligence supported by your power of reasoning and intellect that you should use. When you use your heart’s logic the development of psyche, personality and ego occurs, which leads to the melding of all of them into one being that is led by your Spirit. Then you can accomplish from your heart all that you believe you can.

Can Your Mind Trick You?

What you believe in your heart is primary and what you believe in your mind is secondary. Your mind can befuddle you into thinking that your thoughts are you. There is no need to think of your thoughts or your mind as “you”, as the mind is influenced by your upbringing, your life experiences, and by theories and philosophies. Don’t believe everything you think. Be mindful and practice discernment – not every thought you think is an accurate representation of the true reality and events in your life. 

Listen to Your Heart

Make living through your heart your priority. When you truly linger in your heart, your heart will tell you through your feelings whether you are on the right track. You cannot achieve this by being “in your head”, as you cannot feel in the same way when using your brain and logic. Logic does not generate feelings coming from your heart, but rather a choice of which you either approve or disapprove through the brain processes. You are not always sure about your decisions, and most of the time you can talk yourself out of one or the other.

Ask, “How Does It Feel?”

The resonance in your heart is your guidance – ask yourself, “Do I like it? Is my heart singing? Is my heart sad? Is my heart confused? Is my heart joyful?”, and then act according to the input of the heart.   

Aspire to Live Your Highest Potential

The life based in the heart may not be the life you had thought of living. However, once you understand that the heart’s role is to support you not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually then you will adhere to your heart’s guidance. It will lead you to live by the highest principles of your life: love, respect, compassion, kindness, appreciation, gratitude, and, above all, non-judgment.


The above is adapted from Helena’s mini-book titled WAKE UP, Your Heart Is Calling.

Helena Kalivoda is an award-winning author of transformative, spiritual books, inspired by her Soul.
For more information about Helena and her books visit Helena’s website at or her author’s page at


  1. Wise words, Helena! You have described so well the need for discernment when the mind tells you one thing, but the heart tells you more.

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