Are You Marketing Your Book?

Are You Marketing Your Book?

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Writing flows easily from my typing fingers, but marketing is not quite my thing. Therefore, I joined the 30 day Book Marketing Challenge (BMC). A few days ago, D’vorah Lansky, the BMC’s creator, suggested that we write a blog about what we have learned, in celebration of our BMC journey. You are reading that blog now.

I am delighted with the richness of the material. The BMC offers very useful and usable information. It starts with the topic of developing the Author’s Platform – setting up a website and a blog, using social media, including the author’s page on Facebook, utilizing Goodreads and setting up the Amazon Central Author’s page. Deciding on our message and who our audience is goes hand in hand with how we connect to our audience through our platform.

We learned about other ways of engaging our audience as the days went by – building and maintaining mailing lists, creating giveaways, teleseminars, information about speaking engagements, virtual book tours, different ways of repurposing our books, hosting events, doing interviews, press releases, and more…

The BMC is well organized. Varied topics are delivered by the book publishing and marketing specialists, sharing their knowledge with us. I was pleased to find that I had my entire author’s platform in place. However, as every day a new subject was introduced, I came to understand how much more I could do.

With ‘new-to-me’ information coming every day, I started falling behind. But hurray, D’vorah Lansky offers an option of lifetime access to the BMC that allows the participants to proceed at their own pace.

What I have learned from doing the BMC is that pacing myself is important to my completing any project, and that I only can chew one bite at a time.

And what have I discovered about the books monetizing and marketing? That I can repurpose my books, whereas before, I did not think that in my case it was achievable.

If you are an author or are planning to write a book, I warmly suggest that you go ahead and check The Book Marketing Challenge. It is definitely worth investing your time.

Wishing you all the best in writing and in the marketing of your writing to your heart’s content!

Helena Kalivoda, an award-winning author, writes books that are inspired by her Soul. Find more about Helena and her books at or any main book-selling websites.


  1. Helena — yes! Repurposing! And even repurposing content from a fictional novel into non-fiction Kindle books — something I’d never have thought of without this wonderful challenge. Bonus? Connecting with folks like you!

  2. I agree that we can only chew one bite at a time. I think that’s the secret to this overwhelming book marketing thing. Best of luck to you!

    • Wishing you the same, Roxanne! It was 30 great days. Though I could not keep up with the flow, now I am grateful to be aware of many existing marketing venues I can pursue as an author.

  3. Helena, repurposing is so powerful! In what ways will you be repurposing your material?

    • Hello D’vorah, my vision is to divide one of my books into sections and develop modules based on the principles I write about in my books. They are mostly about the ‘whats’ but not the ‘hows’. So, this would be about the ‘hows’. Currently, I am imagining it as an on-line, self-study course.

  4. What a fabulous summary. Love the perspective of one bite at a time. That is a VERY good reminder. Best of luck!

  5. Hello Helena,

    Yes, I can understand, one bite at a time. It is a pleasure to meet so many interesting people during the BMC. I am working diligently to complete my first book.

    Feel free to sign up for my newsletter. The link in on the homepage of my website.
    Have a great day.

  6. It has been a roller coaster Helena. I think we all had trouble keeping up at times. Thirty days is a marathon performance for not only us but for the presenters. I work very much like you…one task at a time. With persistence we get to the end of the journey and find the journey has only just begun! I look forward to continuing our learning and the success of everyone.

  7. I love reading everyone’s perspective and summaries. Best of luck with the repurposing an remarketing of your books. Much success to you.

  8. Hi Helena,

    Thank you for this. And yes, one bite at a time. Like you, I had most of my author platform in place–but I wasn’t doing enough with any of the pieces! I’m looking forward to tackling each one step by step, but concentrating on one or two.

  9. Hi, Helena, I’m with you on both the chewing in small bites and the repurposing pieces!
    From the BMC Blog Hop! When I can, if you put up your FB series or author page, I LIKED yours and would appreciate a reciprocation: or a FOLLOW: Best to you!

  10. Hi Helena! Enjoying your site. Will check out your books. Think we share a similar perspective. I’m just beginning the marketing journey on my first book. Yes – taking it one bite at a time! Glad we have met here.

  11. I got the idea during this 30 day challenge to repurpose 5 webinars I did on “Uprooting Our Fear Of Death: Bringing IT Out Of The Closet” and making kindle books from the transcriptions! A noble task!!

    • Yes, absolutely! Love the idea – existing webinars to Kindle. I have several ideas on repurposing, from an audio book, to turning my book into lessons… Wishing you smooth sailing with your Kindle project!

  12. Your post reminded me of the joke about the elephant. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s how I finally allowed myself a little break in the book marketing challenge. I was trying to eat the entire elephant all at once. I’m glad D’vorah gave us links to the interviews so we can go back and re-read and actually “digest” the info we received. Best wishes with your new books that will spring from your first one!

  13. Helena, my best wishes are with you on the re purposing of your books into the “hows” of the “whats.”

    I appreciate that you took the time to visit and comment on my blog. Thank you.

  14. Love your blog and your reflective process! Your books are an inspiration.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Kathryn. Checked out your website and deeply appreciate your message about 3 stages of sustainability and their influences on the state of our planet.

  15. Just noticed, I am at Hop 33 now.

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