Follow Your Own

Follow Your Own

pen and tea
Follow your true desire. There is nothing you need or have to do. There is nothing you ought to do. Do what your desire tells you to do, not what others tell you or want you to do.

If you are not sure about the ‘realness’ of your desire, ask your heart: Why am I requesting it? Why do I want it? Is it for me? Do I need it to feel good because some other person will like what I do? Is it because of my own idea, or is it someone else’s idea I think I need to look after?

Find out whose want it is. Is it your own or someone else’s?

Look at the feelings inside of yourself – what is it you value, what makes you happy, satisfied, fulfilled? Spend some time exploring the feeling of what you believe is your desire. Focus on what is important and valuable to you. Do not focus on things that you do not truly care about.

Live in accordance with your true self. Follow your own.

You always come back to what you are in your core. It does not matter how long it takes.  Stay in the flow of your own, and your life will feel like a pleasant stroll in the meadow.

  Helena Kalivoda, an award-winning author, writes books that are inspired by her soul. Find more about Helena and her books at or any main book-selling websites.

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