Your Ancestral Self

Your Ancestral Self

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Since I have started writing some years ago, I have at times wondered where the material when I sit down to write comes from – concepts, ideas, statements of universal truths, pouring through my typing fingers. This is what came in answer to my inquiry:

“What you write is a physical interpretation of the signals that your ancestral Self sends to you. These signals are translated into matter – visible and readable sentences – through channels of energy transitioning from one equilibrium to another. When you understand it, the messaging appears simple. What you hear are the energy patterns. What you understand is your interpretation of the energy patterns. What your Self sends to you are the energy patterns imbued with the meaning your Self wants you to grasp.”

We are multidimensional beings. We all are always connected to our spirit Self, whether we are aware of it or not. That is the nature of who we are. We exist at more than one realm. A part of us that some call a cell of God, dwells in our physical body on Earth. The ‘ancestral’ Self, the original I that always has been, is an inhabitant of non-material realms. We can think of it as the energy that is free to be wherever she wants, in no place, space, or time, is neither light nor dark. We can think of it as freely rolling energetic pattern, which is intelligent, outspoken, moving with the flow of all, being a part of the evolutionary matrix given by Gods. 

Our spirit Self is always free to express herself wherever she wants to exist. The thought occurred to me that has been very freeing for me. If my spirit Self is always free to express herself and flourish wherever she wants to exist, then this naturally applies to me, the one who is in a bodily form here on the planet Earth.

My hope is when you read that we are naturally free to exist and thrive wherever we are, it will dissolve your possible fears and worries regarding your present or any situations, as that is what it exactly did for me.

You are unlimited, infinite being and are free to choose who, where and how you are. You are free to express yourself wherever you exist. When you realize it and shed all your fears, you will be irreversibly poised for the next leg of your journey to unravel.

  Helena Kalivoda, an award winning author, writes books that are inspired by her soul. Find more about Helena and her books at or any main book-selling websites.

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