Love and Approve of Yourself

mirror morgue file 2Continually approving and loving yourself will raise your vibration.

Looking  into a mirror, into your eyes, say: “I love you, (your name). I love you always, just as you are. You are a child of God and are not ever forgotten. You are a child of the Universe.”

Looking into a mirror, and while gazing into your eyes, approve of yourself. Every day see yourself as beautiful, giving, loving, loved, beloved. Approve of yourself every day, consistently, with sincerity and vigor. Approvingly look into your eyes. Gazing lovingly into your eyes, affirm: “I love you as you are”.

Love yourself and be loving of others. Start with yourself. If you do not see yourself as lovable, you cannot be loved by others. That is how it is and will be.

*** Note: Add that which makes you feel good, that resonates with you. You are welcome to your own ideas and rendering. 

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