New Times – You Are Ready

New Times – You Are Ready

sunbeam-292987 aThe following is an excerpt from one of the messages I receive when I sit down to write:

A new era is starting. Many of you soon will not do a ‘voiceover’ of YOUR (of Your Self’s) thoughts and deeds any more, as those will become YOUR own thoughts and deeds.  And the future is here, as it is happening now; your narration of that which is your true SELF is fading. That voiceover, your story, your own personality chatter voicing over your true Self, is quieting down.

It is happening because you are ready. Through your work and perseverance, you are ready for your own God-ness. You have been listening to Your Self, following the call of Your Soul. And, you have been listening to your Spirit Guides, as well. Through listening to their guidance and nudging, you are becoming guides and teachers of your own.

And I’ve asked:

“Whom am I speaking to? Who are you? I’ve asked that question many times, haven’t I?”

Yes, you have. We are your ancestors, yet we are your future you. We are the voices from beyond. We are a part of the cosmic intelligence you are tapping into. When you write, we come as we vibrate in harmony with you. We send you our ‘thoughts’ as that is how you intercept our voiceless voices. They seemingly come as a part of your mind but the mechanics are more complex than that. We already have eluded to this process in Awaken! Spirit Is Calling.

Do you reside anywhere, at some other star system that is known to us, humanity?

We are consciousness that is roaming free. We are consciousness that is free to be anywhere and everywhere. We are consciousness that just IS. We are, as you are, unlimited and, in our ‘world’ (as you would put it), we are of many. We are of many, yet we are one. We link our forces, not to oblige one another, but to support each other. We are the future. Your future to become. We are those who come and go, as we plant the seed and when the seed takes root and the plant is vigorous and healthy, we know that our time  to leave has come, to seed yet another seed and tend to other tender young plants.

(Helena), you can always call us; we are your guides. Say: “The TimeKeepers, The TimeKeepers*, come and stay with me. Stay and engage with me. So that I know what you know, that I can what you can, as I am what you are – a timeless, ageless, wise, conscious, free being-ness.”   Namaste. We have spoken.

*The TimeKeepers first came to me in mid 90-ties. They announced themselves through the verses they dictated to me. They explained their name – that they did not keep our tick-tock time but followed/kept the eras of evolutionary, philosophical turns. The poems when The TimeKeepers came through are included in Purposeful Mind Series, Book 4, titled Evolution:

The Time Keepers are those
who are moving in many different realms.
The Time Keepers are those
who are not concerned with time,
as the past, the present, and the future are now.

Time, as you know it, is not time, as we know it.
Time, as you know it, does not exist in our realm.
Time, as you know it, is a linear tick-tock,
is an element that you don’t quite understand.

What we are keeping are the eons,
philosophical turns, centuries of philosophy,
centuries of thoughts that gel plots into reality,
centuries of events of different cultures
in thought patterns.

That is time, as we comprehend it.
To us, time is an element wherein all adds up
and a different era appears,
a new era that is combustion of the thought into a plot
that ripens and happens,
and is what you experience in your time.

Namaste, Helena

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