What Is Time? Can We Expand Time?

evolution cvr bk4 resCan we expand time? What Is Time? They say there is no time in the spirit world. We can only believe it, as we live on Earth where time has meaning to us. They say that at times highly evolved beings live on our planet, and they can at will transfer themselves from our earthly time to no time of the spirit world and back.

Time allows us to live and plan our life. We are linear thinkers living in linear time. Yet, our future can be revealed to us. Our past (incarnations) can be revealed to us. Through our intuition, through listening to the whispers of our spirit, listening through our hearts instead of our minds, our past and future can be revealed to us—our higher self-exists on the plane where time does not exist, where all, past, present, and future, is one time.

We can experience a period of slowdown or an accelerated time, even a feeling of no time when our consciousness reaches beyond our time boundaries. This may occur when we focus deeply, when we contemplate or meditate, when we are absorbed in the activity we are passionate about, in an event of danger or even when involved in an accident. Then, through our altered state of consciousness, we briefly live in a state of an altered time or no time.

We can mindfully work on stretching our time by cutting out unneeded events and activities, by being aware of that which is important to us and of that which is not. That does not require an altered state of being. That is our decision to make the most of our, allotted to us, linear time. We become purposeful and decide to budget our time.

So… Can We Expand Time? Why am I writing about time? It is because my friend Jeane posted a message on her Facebook page about her finding a way of expanding time. We will be getting together next Tuesday for coffee and a talk. I cannot wait to find out what Jeane became aware of.

I wrote several poems about time. They were sent to me by those who call themselves The Time Keepers.

Wait a minute, you say, The Time Keepers?

Yes, that was the name they used when they identified themselves to me.

But, there is no time in the spirit world. So why The Time Keepers? What time do they keep?

We, The Time Keepers are those
who are not concerned with time,
as the past, the present, and the future are now.
Time, as you know it, is not time, as we know it.

Time, as you know it, does not exist in our realm.
Time, as you know it, is a linear tick-tock,
is an element that you don’t quite understand.

What we are keeping are the eons,
philosophical turns, centuries of philosophy,
centuries of thoughts that gel plots into reality,
centuries of events of different cultures
in thought patterns.

That is time, as we comprehend it.
To us, time is an element wherein all adds up
and a different era appears,
a new era that is combustion of the thought into a plot
that ripens and happens,
and is what you experience in your time.

 They suggested to me that we can stretch time:

You can be unaware of who you are,
and that you can stop time.

How do you do that?

You can be keen on stopping time.
Just like yesterday, when you said,
I don’t know why,
but I am totally immersed in this cooking,
and nobody cares if I am looking,
if I am looking totally worn out,
if time is speeding and I cannot,
I cannot keep up with the demand.

So how did you stop time?
You engaged others to help
and time stretched.

Hmm, you say, are you humouring me?
Oh yes, why not, we are a humorous lot,
but now, seriously ……

A humorous lot, just as they said …

And, they also wrote:

Is time a variable that does not exist?

Hmm, you say, how is it possible?
How is it that we have clocks
and we en masse
are hurrying in all directions?
We are creatures that live by time.
We are creatures that need time,
without time the day is not possible.

The day is not possible, as that is what you think.
The day is not possible, as that is what you imagine.
However, a day is a stretchy thing.

You can make your day be long or short.
You can make your day be what you want.
The day is yours to stretch, as you want.

You may say, hmm, how do I do that?
How do I stretch my day?

We will say, just do it.
Imagine your day long, and it will stretch.
What you imagine will transpire,
as what you imagine, will be your lot.
So sit back, enjoy your imagination,
enjoy your relaxation.

Have a picture of what you desire,
relax, and keep that picture
in your mind for a short time.
Then let it go and be sure
that this picture will endure
on its own and will become
what you want.

You can stretch your day by imagining
that the day you need to stretch
is stretched already,
and then sit back and enjoy your long day…

We are creators. Our thoughts create our reality. Our creation comes to be visible in our dimension because of our thoughts, does not matter if we are conscious of our thoughts or not. What we dwell on transpires. What we put our attention on comes to be. Why should that not be the same when it comes to time? As The Time Keepers said, time is a stretchy thing.

Let time be what it is and you be that what you are (the creator), and the time will follow your plan. I will keep you posted about my get-together with Jeane!

Have a great day!


Note: included verses (I call them “a conceptual spiritual poetry”) are from my 4th book of the Purposeful Mind, titled Evolution: It Is Time for the New You. 

Here is the link to my books on Amazon.
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