Joy, Creation and Truth

environmental-protection-326923 ACreation … when you create, realize that all exists and has been for millennia. What you do by creating is uncovering. You are uncovering the truths that are here but are not clear. You, by creating, are uncovering old as something new. And it may be that it has been already told, but it needs to be told again and again in a completely new, unique way.

I finished my Purposeful Mind series and uploaded last two books on Amazon Kindle. I believed that I would be elated when it happens, but I am not feeling any different. I thought I would celebrate, but I have not done that yet.

I know that this will wear off and I will feel joy at my accomplishment, but right now I have a feeling of almost emptiness. Just like athletes who focus on their Olympics goals and then once all is over they actually may feel depressed. No, I am not depressed, contrary to that, I am feeling rather well.

I experienced feelings of “okay, now what” previously, especially in connection with creative work. I am coming to understand that the real  joy is in the process of creation itself. That this empty feeling is telling me that the pleasure of earthly achievement is fleeting, and all we really have is the present moment. That the pleasure of the process of creating is to become the pleasure of sharing full-heartedly and with love, and later that feeling of the pleasure will continue on as a memory.

I am coming to understand that these feelings I have are a way of Spirit in me teaching me to understand the truth of living.

New world based on love and truth,
new world that will make all feel alive,
alive with thoughts and ideas.

Heart-felt ideas
that are intuitive and are greater
than ideas that are children of a brain.

Ideas that will not let you complain
about the futility of life.

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  1. I know exactly what you are saying here, and I love your thoughtful revelations on this, and you are right. The journey itself is where the nourishment lies, and where the rewards are the greatest. I always try to remember the journeys, and keep them fresh in my mind, so I can embrace the next step with grace, taking the old with me to add to the new, and continue to build upon this foundation. Thank you for your lovely thoughts, they were so inspiring

  2. Yes, isn’t so. Trying to remember the journey … taking the old, adding it to the new ….often I am fooled and believe that I have arrived, and then, yet another lesson and revelation is mine. I guess there if no finish line, we keep on growing. Thank you Celeste for expanding it further!

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