Never Say Never – Listen to Your Intuition, to Your Spirit

It’s been a busy first month of 2012. I promised myself that my new books I have been working on for the last two years would be on Kindle by the end of January 2012. I am almost there. I am done with my new series of five poetry books called Purposeful Mind. Three of my new five books are uploaded on Kindle and other two will make it there in a couple of weeks.

I certainly have NOT EVER thought about or planned to become a writer and an author. I was convinced that I was a left-brained, logical, scientifically minded person. But my Spirit knew something I did not. It taught me that we are multifaceted and multidimensional beings. That it does not matter how much resistance we have or how much denial we are in, the real we eventually bursts through.

I surprised myself by penning over 400 poems. I do not read poetry. And so far, when I wrote, it was always a prose. But this time, the verses came through. They came furiously fast – a beautiful ageless wisdom of the universal truths was pouring through my pen onto a paper, and sometimes via my computer keyboard when I decided to type. About 250 of those poems made it to my 5 books of my new Purposeful Mind series.

I am grateful for that part of me that is passionate about writing. It gives me much pleasure and allows me busy, happy hours of doing what I love.

Our Spirit always whispers to us and nudges us forward. It assists us in finding our purpose and passion that we came to live here now. Keep yourself opened to those whispers and nudges. Never Say Never – Listen to Your Intuition, there just may be that ‘something special’ in you, waiting to be uncovered, that you have not ever been thinking about.

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  1. wonderful

  2. thank you for sharing this….such encouraging thoughts that are full of hope and promise…Terrific post!

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